Give your CircleCI Workflows a boost

Swissknife lets you manage and trigger your workflows on CircleCI easily, especially sharing flows across your organization.



Saved Workflow Triggers

Save your complex workflows (Recipes) and edit them with a nice UI so that you can trigger them with a single click.

Shared Recipes (paid)

Share recipes across your org so that your teammates can use them without having to create them from scratch.

Custom Auto-cancel Redundant Builds (paid)

CircleCI's auto cancel redundant build feature is great but it's not customizable. Swissknife will allow you to customize it down to a branch and workflow level.




Up to 10 personal recipes

  • Unlimited Recipe triggers
  • Limited Email Support



Unlimited shared recipes

Customizable Redundant Builds

Trigger when PR is opened

Managed queuing (coming soon)

  • Unlimited Recipe triggers
  • Premium Support